can you hear the brackish swine grunting and driveling choking down the flesh of their own kind getting drunk off of each others piss living ass to mouth it has come to this feeding into the systematic decline the gray waste upon which you live is the corpse of your futile life drifting endlessly into […]


the ol’ scratch to my itch and a pang reliever to boot the cousin of temptation and when she’s around i always give in to her enter desire and the party is in full swing never let those buzzkills abstinence and compulsion make way unless you want your shindig to be a drag -JG

Dog will hunt

how can you trust somebody with no credibility worship a god that wants to see you on your knees live in a country with no sense of community where news isn’t news its just conspiracy there you are parading around in your tin foil hats armed with your pointing finger bumper sticker slogans and unchecked […]

Be the one who dares

kill your local child molester kill your local rapist kill your local predation investor kill your local papist let the churches burn and the temples crumble down annihilate religious tradition and the need for doctrine enveloped in superstition relieve yourself from your savior who couldn’t save himself responsibility is your own hypocrisy is theirs be […]