can you hear the brackish swine
grunting and driveling
choking down the flesh
of their own kind
getting drunk
off of each others piss
living ass to mouth
it has come to this
feeding into the systematic decline

the gray waste
upon which you live
is the corpse of your futile life
drifting endlessly
into the chaotic void
the forlorn belief in heaven
is the knife in your back
and the betraying hand is yours

take the black pill of reality
you can’t escape it
nor your responsibility
your denial is pure fantasy
it is time to reject
the anthropomorphic fallacy

the self identification
of victimization
is a parasitic worm
when it lays its eggs in your brain
it forms lesions of self deceit
then leads you down the road
to a fatalist defeat

your noachian idealism
is an apocryphal pestilence
riding the pale horse
into the heart of society
attacking the very spirit
of its continuity



the ol’ scratch to my itch
and a pang reliever to boot
the cousin of temptation
and when she’s around
i always give in to her
enter desire
and the party is in full swing
never let those buzzkills
abstinence and compulsion make way
unless you want your shindig
to be a drag


Dog will hunt

how can you trust somebody
with no credibility
worship a god
that wants to see you
on your knees
live in a country
with no sense of community
where news isn’t news
its just conspiracy

there you are
parading around
in your tin foil hats
armed with your pointing finger
bumper sticker slogans
and unchecked emotions

so you want to make it
great again
blankets for the natives
cigars for the men

so you want to make it
great again
neo-nazi pride parades
and measles for the children

where is all the
respectful leadership
and responsibility

so you want to make it
great again
justice for all
equality for some

so you want to make it
great again
all lives matter
except for the muslims

where is the will
where is the way
where is the desire
for a better today

be here now
be here now
be here now
be here now
hear me now
be here now


Phil – a psychic vampire

you are an emotional wreck
leeching energy
from unknowing victims

little did you know
that you would meet me
intolerant of immaturity

you don’t fix yourself
but criticize others
you bitch about minute details
as if the universe
was out to get you

you claim to be a victim
in some unfair game
why does it always happen to you

i’m here to say
that when you expire
the universe won’t give a shit
you mother fucking
life sucking
psychic vampire

i have seen
through your disguise
and the lies
placed in front of me

and now
through desperation
you try to guilt me
with things i have never done

i saw the red flags
the warning signs
and smoke from the fire
you mother fucking
life sucking
psychic vampire

i have called you out
i have named you
branded you
cursed you
may your crimes
against natural law
be punished
to the highest degree

may you be placed
upon a pyre
you mother fucking
life sucking
psychic vampire

The knife word

it is not your word
and it is not my word
it has been used forward
to put people backward
now it is their word
so keep your word
to keep it their word
because using that word
stabs like a knife