Faith in fatalism

sapiens have evolved
into self loathing
biological mechanisms
to drive the wheel
of an aimless machine
into its own annihilation
they call this phenomenon faith
faith in their own deception
faith in their own destruction
faith in their miseries
faith in their illusions
faith in their projected god-forms
faith in the filth they breed
faith in their fear
faith in their guilt
faith in the house of cards
they built


An undesirable growth

we humans
and the society
in which we live
are much like a garden
of shoot and root
flower and fruit
vegetable and vine
most can thrive
through a symbiotic realm
though in their own
but when weeds
start to infiltrate
they can leave the state
of the garden in ruin
we eradicate
from tap to crown
let us not be drowned
by their deep seeded deception
remove them
uproot them
for better structure
for stronger growth


Exchanging freedom for equality

the strong control
the weak
and the clever
control the strong
because the weak
became clever
and now what was right
has become wrong
the worst
have become the best
victimhood is the new
beating of the chest
and the rest
are sick
of living
of this world
of being themselves
in this current state
of vestigial existence
and so they hide
within echo chamber cults
and safe spaces
planning their next
antifa trolling event
as if they haven’t spent
enough on the pronoun game
in the end
after the weak and clever
have eaten each other
from victory to misery
the strong and intelligent
will win out
leaving balance
before us all


In the name of Odinn

the era of men
has been eroded
by an egalitarian nightmare
drifting society
into a rootless age
of perpetual complacency
self-entitlement and cowardice
countless causes are created
to try and ease some sort of suffering
but little have any effect
except initializing a breeding ground
for a weak and parasitic existence
which leads to a predestinarian slave mentality
action has been shunned
or incorrectly performed
the time is now
for a more creative front
the time is now
for men to be men
and not reduce the self
to a petty identity
but to increase the self
through rightful actions
through pain
through discomfort
through the sacrifice of self
for the self
for blood
for honor



can you hear the brackish swine
grunting and driveling
choking down the flesh
of their own kind
getting drunk
off of each others piss
living ass to mouth
it has come to this
feeding into the systematic decline

the gray waste
upon which you live
is the corpse of your futile life
drifting endlessly
into the chaotic void
the forlorn belief in heaven
is the knife in your back
and the betraying hand is yours

take the black pill of reality
you can’t escape it
nor your responsibility
your denial is pure fantasy
it is time to reject
the anthropomorphic fallacy

the self identification
of victimization
is a parasitic worm
when it lays its eggs in your brain
it forms lesions of self deceit
then leads you down the road
to a fatalist defeat

your noachian idealism
is an apocryphal pestilence
riding the pale horse
into the heart of society
attacking the very spirit
of its continuity