Sigil, sigil on the wall

who is the most satanic
of them all
is it the one
with the array of baphomet gear
or the one with the cluster
of altar toys
i know
it must be the one
who always says
so it is done
maybe the women
that want to be boys
or is it the part-time goths
who are only part-time fun
is it the death metal marauders
or want-to-be witches
hell those bitches
buy their first crystal
and claim to be the witch of the woods
but really
who is the most satanic of them all
who knows
it’s probably the elderly couple
that lives down the road


Darkness, demons, and the devil

bringers of the black
devils of the north
satanic legions rise
from the depths
of the icy waters
let your calls be heard
let your curses come forth
crush the christian craniums
underneath the hammer of hell
praise be to the archgoat
annihilator of the angelic race
slit their throats
and smear their blood
on yaweh’s face
rape their papists
and kill their clergy
gang fuck the slut from bethlehem
on the earthen altar
fill her with the serpent’s seed
let the antichrist be born


Notes from the ego

hail to the individualist for he carves his will through the societal stone

curse the homogenized collective and its so called norms for it is the oppressor

hail to the individualist who improves himself for the betterment of himself

curse the oppressor who tells you to be as your neighbor and love them as much as yourself

hail to the individualist who creates
and influences
for he sees the banality
of society

curse the oppressor and its herd mentality for it makes life mediocre

hail to the individualist for he does not and will not take notice
of state
of god
or moral rules


Vital existence

in universum non satis est
because the best
is yet to come
throw up those rocks glasses
and champagne flutes
give your horn a toot
this is it
here and now
don’t worry about the past
or fret about the future
make this the moment to last
now is the party
now is bliss
because after this
we all gotta go home



the ol’ scratch to my itch
and a pang reliever to boot
the cousin of temptation
and when she’s around
i always give in to her
enter desire
and the party is in full swing
never let those buzzkills
abstinence and compulsion make way
unless you want your shindig
to be a drag