Faith in fatalism

sapiens have evolved
into self loathing
biological mechanisms
to drive the wheel
of an aimless machine
into its own annihilation
they call this phenomenon faith
faith in their own deception
faith in their own destruction
faith in their miseries
faith in their illusions
faith in their projected god-forms
faith in the filth they breed
faith in their fear
faith in their guilt
faith in the house of cards
they built


Exchanging freedom for equality

the strong control
the weak
and the clever
control the strong
because the weak
became clever
and now what was right
has become wrong
the worst
have become the best
victimhood is the new
beating of the chest
and the rest
are sick
of living
of this world
of being themselves
in this current state
of vestigial existence
and so they hide
within echo chamber cults
and safe spaces
planning their next
antifa trolling event
as if they haven’t spent
enough on the pronoun game
in the end
after the weak and clever
have eaten each other
from victory to misery
the strong and intelligent
will win out
leaving balance
before us all


Dog will hunt

how can you trust somebody
with no credibility
worship a god
that wants to see you
on your knees
live in a country
with no sense of community
where news isn’t news
its just conspiracy

there you are
parading around
in your tin foil hats
armed with your pointing finger
bumper sticker slogans
and unchecked emotions

so you want to make it
great again
blankets for the natives
cigars for the men

so you want to make it
great again
neo-nazi pride parades
and measles for the children

where is all the
respectful leadership
and responsibility

so you want to make it
great again
justice for all
equality for some

so you want to make it
great again
all lives matter
except for the muslims

where is the will
where is the way
where is the desire
for a better today

be here now
be here now
be here now
be here now
hear me now
be here now


Be the one who dares

kill your local child molester
kill your local rapist
kill your local predation investor
kill your local papist
let the churches burn
and the temples crumble down
annihilate religious tradition
and the need for doctrine
enveloped in superstition
relieve yourself from your savior
who couldn’t save himself
responsibility is your own
hypocrisy is theirs
be an iconoclast
be the one who dares