Phil – a psychic vampire

you are an emotional wreck
leeching energy
from unknowing victims

little did you know
that you would meet me
intolerant of immaturity

you don’t fix yourself
but criticize others
you bitch about minute details
as if the universe
was out to get you

you claim to be a victim
in some unfair game
why does it always happen to you

i’m here to say
that when you expire
the universe won’t give a shit
you mother fucking
life sucking
psychic vampire

i have seen
through your disguise
and the lies
placed in front of me

and now
through desperation
you try to guilt me
with things i have never done

i saw the red flags
the warning signs
and smoke from the fire
you mother fucking
life sucking
psychic vampire

i have called you out
i have named you
branded you
cursed you
may your crimes
against natural law
be punished
to the highest degree

may you be placed
upon a pyre
you mother fucking
life sucking
psychic vampire

Muerte contra mis enemigos

there is a shadow that follows
closely behind me
she whispers secrets in my ear
oh the pretty girl speaks
to those only that would hear
light the gold, red, and black
to illuminate the way
give her your gratitude
and these words to say
hear me now saint death
may your words be kind and direct
your scythe swift and precise
your judgement true and fair
oh scythe bearer
protect me from my enemies


Be the one who dares

kill your local child molester
kill your local rapist
kill your local predation investor
kill your local papist
let the churches burn
and the temples crumble down
annihilate religious tradition
and the need for doctrine
enveloped in superstition
relieve yourself from your savior
who couldn’t save himself
responsibility is your own
hypocrisy is theirs
be an iconoclast
be the one who dares