There’s a warped message telling you not to repeat it

free youth discover
america’s secret war
prepare yourself
reality is on thee way
to transform havoc
into a lifetime ov trials
kill all you sEE
death looms in
civil violence
admit it
order is dead
storm surges and
crime climbs
thee virus fuels
a political PANdemic
toxic developments
spring a new religion
by decades ov denial
categorization helps no one
democracy is apartheid
no matter who you vote for
a government gets in


Did i mention

kurt cobain and tupac
are still alive
o.j. didn’t do it
clinton was framed
the earth is flat
snow is chemtrails
this is proof
that the government
controls the weather
everything on the internet
has to be true
did i mention
o. j. didn’t do it
the moon landing was a hoax
marilyn manson can
suck his own dick
because he was
the other nerd
on wonder years
9/11 was an inside job
vaccines have
nano-bots inside
so that the government can
control us through autism
the holocaust never happened
oswald wasn’t a sole shooter
did i mention
o. j. didn’t do it


Dog will hunt

how can you trust somebody
with no credibility
worship a god
that wants to see you
on your knees
live in a country
with no sense of community
where news isn’t news
its just conspiracy

there you are
parading around
in your tin foil hats
armed with your pointing finger
bumper sticker slogans
and unchecked emotions

so you want to make it
great again
blankets for the natives
cigars for the men

so you want to make it
great again
neo-nazi pride parades
and measles for the children

where is all the
respectful leadership
and responsibility

so you want to make it
great again
justice for all
equality for some

so you want to make it
great again
all lives matter
except for the muslims

where is the will
where is the way
where is the desire
for a better today

be here now
be here now
be here now
be here now
hear me now
be here now


I am satan

my gender – male
i am satan
my ethnicity – white
i am satan
my sexual preference – hetero
i am satan
my view of violence – necessary
i am satan
my view of politics – meritocratic
i am satan
my religious view – indifferent
i am satan
my mind – spoken
i am satan