Ecofascist troth

we are the stewards of land air and sea trenchant we shall be against slave morality and herd mentality remove the human waste and waste the human race erase the lot of them so only a spot of them remain to maintain this cerulean planet and if they become a cancer again wipe them clean […]

In the name of Odinn

the era of men has been eroded by an egalitarian nightmare drifting society into a rootless age of perpetual complacency self-entitlement and cowardice countless causes are created to try and ease some sort of suffering but little have any effect except initializing a breeding ground for a weak and parasitic existence which leads to a […]


i am with the mad the imprisoned the abnormal the vice driven the sexually liberated the virtue faded the socially inept the oppressed the depressed the mouth gunner the heroine lover the intemperate the burnout the starving creator the powerless we are the fluidity the deconstruction the soul the truth -JG