Take it or lethe it

i stared into the abyss
and it back into me
i found it to be a mirror
of my true identity

i’ve looked through scrying eyes
and saw my kin
standing where the great demon
lies within

on this plane
it is an astral fantasy
life is a guise
death’s mockery

are my dreams
an existential gift
or are they windows
into a dimensional shift

they might be memories
from a forgotten past
so i’ll drink from the lethe
oblivion at last


A prayer to death

i have chosen a god
and death it shall be
because in expiration
my spirit is free

i will walk with death
between day and night
the grave god’s darkness
is my everlasting light

in death
my soul is cleansed
for release of my mortality
is the only amends

there are no sins
or judgements to be had
for the grim lord
sees no good nor bad


The altar

i looked to the east
and saw lucifer’s light
the black candle
holds the flame
of his left handed might

satan’s spirit is well within
the inverted cross
the pentagram
and the infinite coil
of the serpent’s skin

the demon of thought
and hidden wisdom
has given the key
and decree
to the infernal kingdom


Dead leaves and rain

i can hear the autumnal call
my life and world are waning
the seasonal curse
bestows dead leaves and rain

the fruits that have fallen
[bruised and bitten]
are decaying
much like my spirit

the bones from this exhausted body
are all that will remain
then i will become
the blood of the earth



i want to eat baphomet’s head
and wear its crown
solve et coagula
i want to sit upon the earthen throne
forged by the seven gods
the ones who decree
i am as my mother
i am as my father
i am as my nature
i am as the primary
i am as the sky
i am a fleshy prison
as it took seven gods
it shall take seven deaths
there is no part in me
that is not part of the gods
ego sum chaos