Faith in fatalism

sapiens have evolved
into self loathing
biological mechanisms
to drive the wheel
of an aimless machine
into its own annihilation
they call this phenomenon faith
faith in their own deception
faith in their own destruction
faith in their miseries
faith in their illusions
faith in their projected god-forms
faith in the filth they breed
faith in their fear
faith in their guilt
faith in the house of cards
they built



the real virus
is not a submicroscopic entity
and it spreads
between worlds
through digital and analog
infecting its welcoming hosts
a memetic
a mere idea
cloaking itself in emotional rhetoric
the proud victims
are willing to infect
to inflict a wrath
of hypocritical guilt
upon the immune
until the involate
become the disease


An undesirable growth

we humans
and the society
in which we live
are much like a garden
of shoot and root
flower and fruit
vegetable and vine
most can thrive
through a symbiotic realm
though in their own
but when weeds
start to infiltrate
they can leave the state
of the garden in ruin
we eradicate
from tap to crown
let us not be drowned
by their deep seeded deception
remove them
uproot them
for better structure
for stronger growth


Ecofascist troth

we are the stewards
of land
and sea
we shall be
slave morality
and herd mentality
remove the human waste
and waste the human race
erase the lot of them
so only a spot of them
to maintain
this cerulean planet
and if they become
a cancer again
wipe them clean
so there will be
no more
a world of men



can you hear the brackish swine
grunting and driveling
choking down the flesh
of their own kind
getting drunk
off of each others piss
living ass to mouth
it has come to this
feeding into the systematic decline

the gray waste
upon which you live
is the corpse of your futile life
drifting endlessly
into the chaotic void
the forlorn belief in heaven
is the knife in your back
and the betraying hand is yours

take the black pill of reality
you can’t escape it
nor your responsibility
your denial is pure fantasy
it is time to reject
the anthropomorphic fallacy

the self identification
of victimization
is a parasitic worm
when it lays its eggs in your brain
it forms lesions of self deceit
then leads you down the road
to a fatalist defeat

your noachian idealism
is an apocryphal pestilence
riding the pale horse
into the heart of society
attacking the very spirit
of its continuity