Faith in fatalism

sapiens have evolved
into self loathing
biological mechanisms
to drive the wheel
of an aimless machine
into its own annihilation
they call this phenomenon faith
faith in their own deception
faith in their own destruction
faith in their miseries
faith in their illusions
faith in their projected god-forms
faith in the filth they breed
faith in their fear
faith in their guilt
faith in the house of cards
they built



the real virus
is not a submicroscopic entity
and it spreads
between worlds
through digital and analog
infecting its welcoming hosts
a memetic
a mere idea
cloaking itself in emotional rhetoric
the proud victims
are willing to infect
to inflict a wrath
of hypocritical guilt
upon the immune
until the involate
become the disease


Cross rotter

the blood has been drawn
and the sewage yet pours
from the filth
of jerusalem
into the mouths
of the death worshiping swine

the putrid meat
from the cross rotter
is victualed
to the maggot masses
inside the steeple of shit

remove the nails
and fuck the carpel cunt
so get ready
for the second cumming
onto the face
of the bastard son

to rid your god
thirty pieces of silver
was the price to pay
i would pay thirty more
to keep it that way


Sigil, sigil on the wall

who is the most satanic
of them all
is it the one
with the array of baphomet gear
or the one with the cluster
of altar toys
i know
it must be the one
who always says
so it is done
maybe the women
that want to be boys
or is it the part-time goths
who are only part-time fun
is it the death metal marauders
or want-to-be witches
hell those bitches
buy their first crystal
and claim to be the witch of the woods
but really
who is the most satanic of them all
who knows
it’s probably the elderly couple
that lives down the road