Darkness, demons, and the devil

bringers of the black
devils of the north
satanic legions rise
from the depths
of the icy waters
let your calls be heard
let your curses come forth
crush the christian craniums
underneath the hammer of hell
praise be to the archgoat
annihilator of the angelic race
slit their throats
and smear their blood
on yaweh’s face
rape their papists
and kill their clergy
gang fuck the slut from bethlehem
on the earthen altar
fill her with the serpent’s seed
let the antichrist be born


I always give the devil his dues

strong mind’s will
weak minds kill
filling heads with
humanity’s blight
that is their pledge
that is their plight
forcing their view of right

i’ll hail
the lord of the night
adversary of the light
the true liberator
and his might

oh devils of society
hold your egos
to the highest standard
and let us be pandered
by the admirers
coat tail riders
and wanna be insiders