Cross rotter

the blood has been drawn
and the sewage yet pours
from the filth
of jerusalem
into the mouths
of the death worshiping swine

the putrid meat
from the cross rotter
is victualed
to the maggot masses
inside the steeple of shit

remove the nails
and fuck the carpel cunt
so get ready
for the second cumming
onto the face
of the bastard son

to rid your god
thirty pieces of silver
was the price to pay
i would pay thirty more
to keep it that way


Darkness, demons, and the devil

bringers of the black
devils of the north
satanic legions rise
from the depths
of the icy waters
let your calls be heard
let your curses come forth
crush the christian craniums
underneath the hammer of hell
praise be to the archgoat
annihilator of the angelic race
slit their throats
and smear their blood
on yaweh’s face
rape their papists
and kill their clergy
gang fuck the slut from bethlehem
on the earthen altar
fill her with the serpent’s seed
let the antichrist be born



jesus is a pussy
mohammed is a terrorist
my god is much bigger than yours
so screams these fundamentalist pricks

these theistic battles
full of tattle tales
and cattle minded fucks
will be the undoing
of each other

take your
self righteous
white light spewings
of yore
and stick them up
your zoroastrian ass

i’ll kick the corpse for fun
remember i’m not here
to shove a moral cock down your throat
i’m beyond your duality
i’m not good
i’m not evil
i’m neither one


Can you tell me how to get to blasphemy street?

i’m a wandering goat
call me azazel
i cannot
will not
be herded

you feed your sins to me
and irresponsibilities
in turn
i will vomit these
as your dogmatic penance

you can blame
and point your fingers
be the bringers
of the same old shit
of abrahamic writ

you can take your
schizophrenic god
the demiurgic clod
and open your mouth
for his divine wad

but you better swallow
because the priest
doesn’t like it
when you spit