Nihil before me

life is cheap
so it has been said
it is time to rip
the band-aid off
of your existential dread
you better learn now
you better learn quick
know there is nothing sacred

no holy ghost
nor gods of yore
will lick your wounds
will clean your sores
nor magic potions
nor ancient runes

worshipping your god
a cosmic joke
do as you’re told
the iron yoke
obey all the rules
a quest for fools
be as they are
is that what you enjoy
i’ve got one thing
on this earth
one thing that
is of any worth
an impulse to destroy

if you’re looking for truth
you won’t find it here
if you’re looking for meaning
all you’ll find is fear

ideals have been shattered
the sheep have been scattered
nothing ever mattered

nihil before me



church bells ringing
disturb the air
people believing
there is hell to pay

i want to live in an indivisible nation
not in a state of hypocrisy
death to this christian persuasion
and the glorification of mediocrity

these tyrants of social deconstruction
are the stigma of free thought
there is no love only corruption
the great demon that they wrought

prayers are bigotry disguised by teeth
the ones that gnaw and gnash
the flesh of the wretched redeemer
and curse the fallen star beneath

one nation

no god