Cross rotter

the blood has been drawn
and the sewage yet pours
from the filth
of jerusalem
into the mouths
of the death worshiping swine

the putrid meat
from the cross rotter
is victualed
to the maggot masses
inside the steeple of shit

remove the nails
and fuck the carpel cunt
so get ready
for the second cumming
onto the face
of the bastard son

to rid your god
thirty pieces of silver
was the price to pay
i would pay thirty more
to keep it that way


Darkness, demons, and the devil

bringers of the black
devils of the north
satanic legions rise
from the depths
of the icy waters
let your calls be heard
let your curses come forth
crush the christian craniums
underneath the hammer of hell
praise be to the archgoat
annihilator of the angelic race
slit their throats
and smear their blood
on yaweh’s face
rape their papists
and kill their clergy
gang fuck the slut from bethlehem
on the earthen altar
fill her with the serpent’s seed
let the antichrist be born


May i not die a straw death

i’m an atheist
on a pagan crutch
i revel in the rights
and hedonistic delights
i’ve hailed loki
as a symbol
and as my brother
i’ve felt the warmth
and wrath
of angrbotha
the cool breath
of hel
keeps me moving
ever forward
but when death
embraces me
burn this vessel
and break my sword
so that i may go home


Your martyrs are murderers

you are the scum of the earth
oh enablers of insanity
purveyors of psychosis
god adoring delusionists
in this godless world
trying to spread your purity
by priests jacking off
onto little boys faces
killing the raped
and praising the rapist

i will not invest
in your collectivist thought
your venom
your poison
your store bought crucifix
bar-code branding
tax evading
cult of the cock-sucking christ

put them on the wheel
put them on the cross
wash their sins away
with the iron claws


Three nail sermon

are you ready
to defend your conviction
of the backstabbing and lies
that lead to your savior’s

can you hear me
or are your ears
filled with deception
your holy book
is not the word of god
but man’s invention

are you so weak
to not have your own will
giving one dollar every sunday
and praying to kill

your enemies
are in the denominations
this never was and never will be
a christian nation

so they feed your heads with lies
you swallow them with your eyes
disgorge what has been fed
into the mouths
of the walking dead

the lich king’s spell
still controls the herd
force feeding the belief
of javeh’s word