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below the soil where the ancient clan lies feasting on decay and everything that dies these subterranean dwellers move through root and rock like lightning through the skies oh your milky white veins in the blackened flesh varicose like in the loamy thresh your call is strong to witches and kith warlocks and shaman that […]


are you prepared to leave it all behind a world of illusion where we’re all blind can you hear the call of the void your memetics replicating you’re just moments from being destroyed there you are standing on the edge fuck the world take the annihilation pledge take it in your last breath suicide has […]

Tenet #3

the enemy of my enemy is not my friend for a temporary ally is a foe in the end whether you’re on the left or the right you’re still part of the same forked tongue promoting the fight powerful and glowerful the rhetoric may be the enemy of my enemy is still thy foe to […]