Three nail sermon

are you ready
to defend your conviction
of the backstabbing and lies
that lead to your savior’s

can you hear me
or are your ears
filled with deception
your holy book
is not the word of god
but man’s invention

are you so weak
to not have your own will
giving one dollar every sunday
and praying to kill

your enemies
are in the denominations
this never was and never will be
a christian nation

so they feed your heads with lies
you swallow them with your eyes
disgorge what has been fed
into the mouths
of the walking dead

the lich king’s spell
still controls the herd
force feeding the belief
of javeh’s word


Is that gasoline i smell?

you wear your messiah’s
torment around your neck
a daily reminder
of the christian wreck
you bear the cross
a symbol of treachery

you cannibalize your savior
for your sins against humanity
sodomize your neighbor
and pray against homosexuality

fuck your god
fuck your faith
burn your doctrine
and your church

keep it lit motherfuckers


Muerte contra mis enemigos

there is a shadow that follows
closely behind me
she whispers secrets in my ear
oh the pretty girl speaks
to those only that would hear
light the gold, red, and black
to illuminate the way
give her your gratitude
and these words to say
hear me now saint death
may your words be kind and direct
your scythe swift and precise
your judgement true and fair
oh scythe bearer
protect me from my enemies


The knife word

it is not your word
and it is not my word
it has been used forward
to put people backward
now it is their word
so keep your word
to keep it their word
because using that word
stabs like a knife


Be the one who dares

kill your local child molester
kill your local rapist
kill your local predation investor
kill your local papist
let the churches burn
and the temples crumble down
annihilate religious tradition
and the need for doctrine
enveloped in superstition
relieve yourself from your savior
who couldn’t save himself
responsibility is your own
hypocrisy is theirs
be an iconoclast
be the one who dares


I am the god you see

you can’t create me
you can’t destroy me
you can’t deny me
i am energy
i’m in everything
i’m in nothing
i’m a god you see?
i’m the god you see!