Friends, Interests, and Intrigue

Josh Latta – Tasteful Ephemera

Glorp Gum – The only gum that comes with a shirt!

Hydra M. Star – Writer, Woodburner, and Witch

iSatanist – High Quality Satanic Jewelry

The Devil You Know – Satanically Inspired Podcast

Lindsay Keating – Functional and Sculptural Clay

Penumbra – Indie Budget Friendly Recording Studio

Phong H Tran – He Does What You Need

Church of Satan – Self Explanatory

Feral House – Innovative and Celebrated Non-Fiction Books

Jason Leach – Satanic Artist

Shadowmantium– Abominations of All Sorts

Jack Donovan – Straightforward, Politically Incorrect Theory of Masculinity

Temple of the Vampire – The Next Step in Human Evolution

The Satanic Warlock – The Companion to the Compleat Witch

Ixaxaar – Occult Literature

Ekortu – Occult Author

Thursatru – Thursatru Tradition

Pft! – All is Flowing Family of God


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