There’s a warped message telling you not to repeat it

free youth discover america’s secret war prepare yourself reality is on thee way to transform havoc into a lifetime ov trials kill all you sEE death looms in civil violence admit it order is dead storm surges and crime climbs thee virus fuels a political PANdemic toxic developments spring a new religion by decades ov […]

Faith in fatalism

sapiens have evolved into self loathing biological mechanisms to drive the wheel of an aimless machine into its own annihilation they call this phenomenon faith faith in their own deception faith in their own destruction faith in their miseries faith in their illusions faith in their projected god-forms faith in the filth they breed faith […]


the real virus is not a submicroscopic entity and it spreads between worlds through digital and analog infecting its welcoming hosts a memetic a mere idea cloaking itself in emotional rhetoric the proud victims are willing to infect to inflict a wrath of hypocritical guilt upon the immune until the involate become the disease -JG