Heavy snow, gray skies, and getting hit by a pickup truck

i need not be subjugated
by your moral prescriptions
or insults hurled from
your own projected inadequacies
they are merely illusions
based off of your
subjective reality
i exercise my beast
and my will to power
is much stronger than yours
i stand on a mountain of skeletons
of those who have fallen before me
but i know
that i will eventually
add to that altitude
and be the skeleton
under the foot of another
that is mightier
that is right
for now
i will continue to climb that mountain
and face reality as it is
and adapt to it as i am
because there is not
a universal truth
that will lead society
in a utopia
it is but a myth
an abstraction of distracted minds
propagated by bullet point philosophies
social media trends
and pop-culture materialism
all to remove the fear
of the unknown