Lex talionis

and doing the will of
in the name of
to rid the world of the ‘wicked’
fuck the theists
and their terroristic doctrine
i’ll doctor up
my shot gun
and give them a taste
of their own medicine
let the wicked rule
and the self-righteous gruel
in their own prison
hey passifists
pass a fucking fist
into the face of your enemy
hey cheek turners
turn your adversary’s cheek
into a bloody pulp
it’s no time to mourn
its time to destroy
the destroyers
never forget
never forgive
because they sure don’t believe
in live and let live
it’s time to take up arms
the ones hangin’ by your side
give your foe the violent ride
with your nails, teeth, and fists
rip those cysts
from the societal cancer
and have them answer
to the only proper
way of punishment