What satan means to me

a notion of individuality
denial of hypocrisy
accepting responsibility
while being able to see
with a third side perspective

a counter culture
that is a sardonic sculpture
of adversarial minds
and lively kinds

an exclusive celebration
a rejection of blind trust
a reception of carnal lust
and a veneration
to the just
of lex talionis

it is me
it is you
not the christian
or jew

it is the artist within
the purveyor of libidinous sin
the drive to win

it’s about living
it’s about the now
it’s not about the why
it’s about the how

it’s about the walk
not about the talk
or the balk

it’s vitality
in this reality
that we know
that we grow
in which we owe
to ourselves

it’s here
it’s the presence
it’s the opposing essence
to the white light deceiver

it’s nature at its best
not these good guy philosophies
that societies
try to invest
try to ingest
it’s a wink
a nod
a slight jest

it’s the anti-hero creed
where no deed is complete
until we have had our fun

so it is done


Post rectification

as long as humans keep
and eating
their artisanal toast
pork roast
and boasting
about their pollock
i’m going to have fuel
to bash the fool
that says a bronzed piece
of their dog stool
is art
smashing my cock
against a rock
is considered a form
of garbage
and emotional feces


A new poem

i fucking love drinking
i drink because
it makes me tolerant
of these insolant fucks
they walk by
drive by
they think they own
this goddamn world
those mother fuckers
are only renting it
they keep trying to make money
so they can keep on spending it
just to buy more booze
like i do i guess
fuck it


Beasts of the field

i sit and watch
these beasts of the field
walking on their hind legs
posturing like civilized humans

they spit out words of
shit and pissdom
acting as if they’re doctrine
of wit and wisdom

they barter and fuck
and rape and wed
consume all of the resources
until they inevitably end up dead

if that doesn’t kill’em
their wars will do it
stealing from the lower breeds
they’ll see to it
that they remain down
until ultimately
they are shit of worms