Satan’s stanzas

i have no allegiance
and death’s gate is crowded

i am aware
of human affairs
but i care not
of these beasts

i’ve been awakened
and i see the broken
through waning flames

there is no reason to repair
only to feed upon the carrion
that’ve been atrophied
under the foot of despair

i’ve become the face
of your said lies
i am the phase
of your demise

allow me to ignite
your sleeping mind
let me open your eyes
take my left hand
of skeptic thought
i’ll surely cure the blind

your father of autonomy
destroyer of heteronomy



i hate
that what we call society
i will
not give apologies
for my
disgust of humanity
this is
my entirety
swells inside of me

i’ve bled
too much for you
bit off
more than i can chew
swallow hard
i’ve paid my dues
what is true

i’ve got
nothing else to say
no more
room to play
no soul
to sign away