America – a poisoned well

pro abortion
because the penalty
is too much to bare
there is no problem
with fucking women
in the ass
but lynch the fuck
who tries a guy
i can’t tell
if we are on the up swing
or the down
polls and surveys
always saying
your opinion matters
as a matter of fact
it doesn’t
they’re just taking down names
to feed your ego
to put you up against
their opponent
in these games
of hunger
and the american
to raise stocks
to a fraction of a point
we would rather
spend our time
building drones
and waiving our
dicks in the air
instead of
building relationships
and intelligence
we’ll keep lying
and supplying
they’ll keep buying
as long as we often
remind them
that they are dying
unless they use
the youth serum
labeled snake oil
the well isn’t poisoned
we are