This doesn’t mean shit

we are fucked
teaching the latter
what morals is
using our accusatory questions
and assertive suggestions
for their maturation indigestions
leave’em alone
let’em grow
let’em to their own learnin’
enough bias turnin’
do not rob them of their ugliness
and replace it with your beauty
they are the threads spinning the fabric hereafter
beaten or moth eaten
they hold the treasure
we lost it to our banks
online stores
smart phones
threw it away
for abstract ideas
and monopoly money
and pre-packaged rebellion
i remember when listening to
marilyn manson was a form of insurgence
now i’m too exhausted
too sick of the mainstream
america has changed
america is full of different cultures and customs and skewed conceptions
too many exemptions for name callers and tattle tales
too many excuses for complacency
too many fucked up reasons to not work as a team
too many fucked up reasons to not agree
i’m done
this doesn’t mean shit