A E O I miss U

Rqrd ppls s ncssry
Fr w hv bcm qt pln
Mkng pms wth n vwls
Sms t kp s sn
F fr nly lttl whl
R brns bgn t brst
Th nly thng wrs thn tht
S Mntzm’s crs
Nw dn’t b frd f y cn’t ndrstnd
R mk sns f ths
Ths pm sn’t trly mnt t b rd
N sbr mnddnss


Required applause is necessary
For we have become quite plain
Making poems with no vowels
Seems to keep us sane
If for only a little while
Our brains begin to burst
The only thing worse than that
Is Montezuma’s curse
Now don’t be afraid if you can’t understand
Or make sense of this
The poem isn’t truly meant to be read
In sober mindedness