My habituation

i am not a fiend nor an addict
my nature is simple
i am selfish
i strive for pleasure
i lust for life
a measure of my person
is the sprightliness of my hunger
my ego need not be fed
but the gullet of my indulgence
ok i lied
i compulsively live


i am a toy
a fad
i am tattered
from much use and play
i am a hit for a few months
and now I slowly fade away
to the bottom of the box
i am just another toy on the list
love me
hug me
i am no longer missed
i will be placed upon the shelf or in the trash
to collect dust or decompose
as I watch another toy pass


An ode to shadow

i’m not sure if it’s the lack of sleep
or the hard liquor
that I have issued to my body
i am starting to feel defeat
i will not end this battle with ease
i will come out covered in the blood of my enemy
and mine
i will bash the worm ridden skull
i will eat the heart of him
i will eventually collapse to the will
of my own licking
watch me as a silver coin