This website you see before you is but a medium for my manifestations in which I call ‘shorthand rants.’ These rants are adversarial poems in a minimalist style and are unapologetically inspired by vital existence, Satanism, seidr, occultism, misanthropy, cynicism, anarchy, Nihilism, assholery, and generally hellbound shit.

Published Work

Creative Quill Vol.6 2010


Devil’s Diary Halloween Edition 2010



A poem for the life haters

Devil’s Diary Halloween Edition 2012


A revolution within itself

Through the eyes of a bullet

Feeding catastrophe

Devil’s Diary Walpurgisnacht Edition 2013




The devil, i am


Socialist Alternative Open Forum – Minneapolis Community and Technical College (2013)

That Goddamn Poetry Hootenanny – Cause Spirits & Soundbar (2014)

The Devil You Know – Episode 26 (2016)

The Devil You Know – Episode 30 (2016)

The Devil You Know – Episode 41 (2016)




Do not ask me how to join the COS or contact me with inquiries about the COS. I have a few clearly labeled links on this website in which you can go to find out more about the organization.

Achtung: Opinions expressed on this website are my own and do not represent that of any organization in which I may be affiliated.

Comment, if you must.

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