This website you see before you is but a medium for my manifestations in which I call ‘shorthand rants.’ These rants are adversarial poems in a minimalist style.


Published Work

Creative Quill Vol.6 2010


Devil’s Diary Halloween Edition 2010



A poem for the life haters

Devil’s Diary Halloween Edition 2012


A revolution within itself

Through the eyes of a bullet

Feeding catastrophe

Devil’s Diary Walpurgisnacht Edition 2013




The devil, i am


Socialist Alternative Open Forum – Minneapolis Community and Technical College (2013)

That Goddamn Poetry Hootenanny – Cause Spirits & Soundbar (2014)

The Devil You Know – Episode 26 (2016)

The Devil You Know – Episode 30 (2016)

The Devil You Know – Episode 41 (2016)

Do not ask me how to join the COS or contact me with inquiries about the COS. I have a few clearly labeled links on this website in which you can go to find out more about the organization.

Achtung: Opinions expressed on this website are my own and do not represent that of any organization in which I may be affiliated.

Comment, if you must.

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